INMODO-AURUM: Who we are?

We are the company specialized in creating a personal gold reserve!

Times have changed. Today's life is different than it was years ago. The way we invest our money has also changed. Banking / financial and/or insurance products no longer satisfy as they once did.

Past Present
Investment without any risks

Risks without profits
There is a great national debt
Expropriation to the citizen
Banking bail-in

In 2007/08 with the beginning of the financial crisis, we started to think about our work in financial and insurance sector. In 2010, after 20 years of successes in this area, we started to looking for an interesting product for small and big investors to be able to meet 2 important and current requirements: a fixed value and a maximum security for the capital. At the end of our researches and analysis we understood there is just one product to meet satisfy these requirements: PURE PHYSICAL GOLD!

The diversification in pure physical gold must not be lacking in asset management!
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We analyzed potential suppliers carefully in order to guarentee a safe future for our customers and a top quality product together with an elegant design. All this always with competent consultation and with the possibility of a flexible investiment.

Our choice was Heimerle + Meule GmbH, the oldest German gold and silver refinery, so we obtained the best qualified LBMA certified partner, recognized worldwide. This refinery is responsable for the supply and for the storage of our customers' gold reserve. After five years of initial collaboration, on 2016 was successfully established a mutual partnership between our Company and Heimerle + Meule, our sole supplier. The best!

We have been operating internationally since 2012, specializing in the selling and in the conservation of pure physical gold, (so-called investment gold), behalf of our private customers. We have been offering a 360 degree service without restrictions - the sole service of this kind in Italy - for the creation and for the management of personal gold reserve.

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Our symbol: the leopard
We chose the Leopard as a symbol of our company because it represents: Elegance, Value, Strength, Courage, Tenacity and even Good Luck.

An additional value
"Get information regarding gold coming from over Europe is an additional value at your disposal. Thousands of satisfied customers benefit from our qualification, managing their own deposit account in physical gold in the best way"

Inmodo-Aurum with its prestigious partner is the main access into the physical gold world!