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  • ... physical gold has always guaranteed money in circulation and today this safety is no longer valid?
  • ... the bank obtains ownership of your money when you deposit it in the bank?
  • ... interest and capital on many government bonds are no longer guaranteed and the bank cannot pay if it has no money?
  • ... IWF (Investable Weight Factor) planned, after the test in Cyprus (36% withdrawal), a forced withdrawal on all European bank accounts for debt reduction?
  • ... from 01 January 2016, by the BAIL-IN law, account holders, after the shareholders and bondholders, guarantee the bank's losses with their money?
  • ... the speculative volume of the financial industry is about 10 times that of the real economy at world level?
  • ... in 1971 the US president, Mr. Richard Nixon, temporarily suspended the gold guarantee of the dollar and therefore of all the currencies, but that this suspension is still valid today?
  • ... this financial measures have changed the world monetary system, from a "credit system" to a "debt system"?
  • .. dal 1971 ad oggi il debito pubblico italiano è arrivato a oltre 2.300 miliardi di Euro?
  • ... since 1971 the global public debt has reached over 200 trillion dollars? (1 trillion = 1000 billion)
  • ... by the printing so much new money FED and BCE decrease the purchasing power to your savings?
  • ... in 2001 you paid 4 pizza and 4 drinks about 15,00€ and nowadays you are paying 55€; It's 266% increase
  • ... since 2014 in bank the interest rate of your savings is zero, but the costs and the inflation decrease your capital continually?
  • ... physical gold is disconnected from the modern monetary system and has been keeping its purchasing power for centuries?
Who has gold always has money!

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