Personal gold reserve

An elegant personal gold reserve

With your gold deposit account, you can create your personal gold reserve and decide on the design at the time of delivery. All gold bars have the highest quality with a purity of 999,9/1000 (24c) and a innovative design. LBMA certification is a guarantee! Gold is money!

aurea personale 1
Innovation 2017 | 20g 50g 100g
aurea personale 2
Pure gold printed | 2g 5g 10g 20g 50g 100g
aurea personale 3
Pure gold melted | 50g 100g 250g 500g 1000g
aurea personale 4
Pure gold unitybars | 30g 50g 100g (pcs da 1g)
sicurezza 4

La personalizzazione 

The investment in phisycal gold is a personal decision. The customization of precious ingots with emblem, company logo is also more splendid. On request our supplier can produce small series and exclusive designs according to your wishes

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Personal gold reserve certificated by LBMA

The company Heimerle + Meule with headquarters in Pforzheim was included in the LBMA Good Delivery List for gold.

Heimerle + Meule meets all the directives of LBMA about production and financial capacity and company history. Last, but not least, LBMA checks Heimerle + Meule's abilities and analysis procedures and the quality of the ingots has been tested and confirmed by independent experts


"LBMA certification is an important step in the history of Heimerle + Meule," explains Georg Steiner, CEO of the oldest German refinery. "We are proud to be able to meet the big requirements of LBMA. Our gold investment products convince with an innovative character and a very elegant design," says Steiner.

Personal gold reserve conflict free

Our sole supplier Heimerle + Meule is the fist European company certificated directly by CFSI, as a conflict free gold refinery, giving maximum attention to the reliability, integrity and conformity of the entire chain to ethical principles.

On 21 July 2010, the "Dodd-Frank Act" (the so-called Wall Street law) and the "Consumer Protection Act" were signed in the United States.


More and more frequently the origin of worked gold is questioned, also by end users. The CFSI certification clearly shows that the used Heimerle + Meule gold and all the products coming from it, such as semi-finished products for the electrical and jewelery industry, dental gold and gold salt for galvanization, are certified as conflict-free

"CFSI certification proves that we supports international efforts to prevent the financing of terrorist activities, military conflicts and human rights abuses through the purchase of precious metals," said Georg Steiner, CEO of Heimerle + Meule GmbH.


The certification as a conflict-free gold refiner means in particular the Heimerle + Meule:

  • Does not accept primary gold (from gold mines)
  • has an absolutely transparent entire chain
  • Your employees are informed and trained on the matter
  • assumes his responsibility towards customers

Every years this policy is reviewed and updated, checked his appropriateness and when necessary they make changes.

Georg Steiner, General Manager