The Market

From 2000 the market for the purchase of physical gold investment has been liberalized. In all world countries, private individuals and companies began to diversify their savings buying gold bars of up to 999.9 (24k), in Italy it didn't happen.

Information makes the difference!
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"In the most informed countries, regularly people have been purchasing the refuge goods par excellence, since 2000. Since the 2008 crisis began, the volumes have been very significant.

Private individuals preserve and safeguard their savings by physical gold.

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The world gold demand has reaching 4.345,1 t/year; the production of mines is less than 3.000 t/year, the difference results from the recovery of used gold.


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Gold market-sharing
The "ingots and coins" sector for private individuals has grown significantly since 2007.

+150% (from 437 t to 1.091 t/year).

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